We Think Globally!


Who We Are ?

Our company begins its history in 2010, in the city of Santos, the largest port in Latin America, in Brazil.

We started as NVOCC / Freight Forwarder, Import and Export by Sea and Air.

The Company has grown over the years in other logistics businesses, such as Road Transport and Customs Clearance.

In 2017, we started a new phase as an international representative in logistics projects, coordinating the supply chain, storage, distribution and special projects.

Today our company is part of a select group which is able to offer a range of logistics services that really make our customers' lives easier.

There are more than 10 thousand shipments successfully made, more than 20 thousand tons coordinated in the supply chain, stock control and storage and much more facilitating your logistics day by day.

Our experience with our customers is always successful, we seek to be together in all stages of the projects, building a solid partnership.

Welcome to Brasfreight !

We Think Globally !