Supply chain consists of a complex process that begins with the production of the raw material and ends with the delivery of the manufactured product to the consumer.

The supply chain is present in the distributor's routine. Within the value chain, which is the network of continuous and integrated processes whose purpose is to make the product reach the consumer, the distributor needs to manage a series of variables, such as: storage, transportation planning and logistics, as well as management of stocks.

All of these factors, in all segments of the value chain, will determine the cost and quality of what will be delivered to the final consumer.
Keeping a small inventory, with high turnover, is ideal to not compromise the liquidity of the company which needs to fulfill orders, a vital condition for its survival in the market.

It is very important not to adopt policies in which the Company risks running out of supplies, that is why we are ahead, helping companies like yours in the Supply Chain Management - SCM.

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