Customs Clearance


Import clearance is the procedure whereby the accuracy of the data declared by the importer in relation to the imported goods, the documents presented and the specific legislation is verified, with a view to their customs clearance (art. 542 of the Customs Regulation).


All goods from abroad, whether imported permanently or not, subject or not to payment of import tax, must be submitted to import clearance, which will be carried out based on a declaration submitted to the customs unit under whose control the goods are controlled.

Import customs clearance is basically regulated by IN SRF No. 680/2006 and IN SRF No. 611/2006.

Customs clearance of imports is processed based on a declaration. The import declaration, as a general rule, is processed at Siscomex, through the Import Declaration (DI), Single Import Declaration (Duimp) or Simplified Import Declaration (electronic DSI). However, there are exceptions, due to the nature of the goods, the operation and the quality of the importer, in which the import clearance is processed without registration with Siscomex through the Simplified Import Declaration (DSI form).

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The import clearance may be carried out in the primary or secondary zone. Import dispatch has started on the date of registration of the import declaration. The registration of the import declaration consists of its numbering by the RFB, through SISCOMEX.

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